About Us

The luxurious, creamy taste of Loya Milk has a five-star promise of quality and is made from the very best fresh cows' milk under strict quality conditions. Loya Milk is a full-cream milk powder that is packed with protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals, essential for the development for a strong and healthy family.


Loya Milk is an ideal addition to beverages, great in porridge and cereal, suitable for cooking or simply as a delicious drink on its own. It comes in a convenient range of package sizes, which allows for trial-and-repeat purchase of milk servings and caters to the varying needs of consumers.


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The new Hi-Cal formulation packs in an extra 50% more calcium and contains vitamins A, C, D, E and K for a superior quality full-cream milk powder that mixes instantly and easily with hot or cold water to produce a consistently tasty beverage.